Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar 2009's Best Dress List

Well the party is over now but the style will always be remembered... Let's see who made it to this year's of my Best Dress List...

No. 1 : Anne Hathaway

No. 2 : Miley Cyrus

No. 3 : Taraji P. Hanson

No. 4 : Diane Lane

No. 5 : Evan Rachel Wood

No. 6 : Angelina Jolie

No. 7 : Alicia Keys

No. 8 : Sarah Jessica Parker

No. 9 : Natalie Portman

No. 10 : Leslie Mann


Olpicture said...
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Olpicture said...

Owh! i yang menang pun tak tersenarai dalam list you meh? i think most of dalam list tu kinda "Blah!" respect goes to Miley Cyrus for taking chances, but her hair look messy, the width of the belt is too wide, make the dress unproportionate... unflattering overall result!