Thursday, June 26, 2008

The First Cut Is The Deepest

I would have given you all of my heart
But there's someone who's torn it apart
And he's taken just all that I had
But if you wanna try to love again
Baby I'll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest
Baby I know the first cut is the deepest
When it comes to being lucky he's cursed
When it comes to loving me he's worst

I still want you by my side
Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried
And I'm sure gonna give you a try
And if you want I'll try to love again
Baby I'll try to love again but I know

Miss Universe 2008 (part 1)

It has started! Well the much anticipated Miss Universe Pageant 2008 has kicked-off in Vietnam. And they say this year has the strongest group of contestants so far (well tiap-tiap tahun pun diorang akan cakap macam tu)... So after the preliminary competitions last night... these are my prediction on who's gonna do well this year...

Miss Universe 2008

Panama - Carolina Dementiev Justavino
Wow!! Wow!! Hebat gok Miss Panama...!!! I have a strong feeling that dia akan menang tahun nie... hopefully dia excel dalam interview session... This girl has a lovely figure, a perfect gown, a radiant smile and a great personality... and what a beautiful name... and she somewhat reminds me of Alice Panikian, Miss Canada Universe 2006... this girl will surely do well in this year's pageant... will she become the 2nd Panamanian to win the title? we shall see..

1st runner-up Venezuela - Dayana Mendoza
Venezuela is always a strong powerhouse in Miss Universe Pageant... Just look what Ly Jonaitis brought us into last year... Dayana has a beautiful gown... And yellow is the new black this year... She is a huge favourite among the locals... and dia pun dah menang satu side event... Best in Ao Dai... so good luck to Dayana!

2nd runner-up Belgium - Alizee Poulicek

Much is being said about this girl and she has the supermodel look (something that Donald Trump really likes)... Teringin sangat nak tengok a blonde girl from Europe menang Miss Universe... last time was Angela Visser (Miss Holland 1989)... who knows Alizee might be the 1st Belgian to take the crown.

3rd runner-up USA - Crystle Stewart

Crystle remains a strong contender through the competition. But I don't think she has what it takes to take home the crown this year. Beautiful gown though!

4th runner-up India - Simran Kaur Mundi

She was named finalist in several side competitions and she might come out strong during the final night... she has a beautiful face and a great figure but this gown doesn't do her any justice... the best gown by Miss India is the black gown worn by Neha Dhupia in 2002... much inspired by Halle Berry's Oscar gown.

TOP 10

Mexico - Elisa Najera
Elisa has won the earlier held best in swimsuit competition... she is a sure semifinalist... so let's see if she can pull it out during the night... lovely yellow dress... reminds me of Michelle William's Yellow Oscar gown...

South Africa - Tansey Coetzee

She has a great exotic face and a beautiful gown... I think they should give a spot to South Africa this time... after they snubbed Megan Coleman in Mexico City last year... dunia ini terlalu kejam!

Puerto Rico - Ingrid Marie Rivera Santos

Well... the 2nd runner-up at Miss World 2005 has come to Miss Universe ... will she be able to become the 6th woman from Puerto Rico to win the Miss Universe title? well not quite... the gown is beautiful but her make-up and hairdo make her look a bit uncanny...

Australia - Laura Dundovic

I love Laura from the beginning... Cantik gaun Miss Australia nie... and body pun nice... walaupun a bit kurus... maybe dia leh repeat Jennifer Hawkins' feat masa tahun 2004 dulu di Quito, Ecuador.

Switzerland - Amanda Amman

Well this is a surprise pick... Muka Miss Switzerland nie sweet... and gown dia pun cantik... sama colour macam gown Lauriane Gillieron, Miss Switzerland yang dapat nombor 3 masa Miss Universe buat kat Los Angeles tahun 2006. Kalo dia menang, dia akan jadi the first Swiss girl to win in a major international beauty contest... how nice is that!

TOP 15

Korea - Sun Lee

Despite a love-it or hate-it gown... which i hate... Miss Korea has a beautiful face and figure... and I think diorang akan bagi dia spot tahun nie untuk menebus kekecewaan Korea tahun lepas yang mana Honey Lee cuma dapat nombor 4... which I describe as one of the most unjust results and the biggest crime in
Miss Universe history...

Colombia - Taliana Vargas

Banyak yang diperkatakan tentang Miss Colombia tahun nie... tapi bagi hem dia biasa saja... and gown dia pun x meyakinkan... so boleh la kot dapat top 15

Vietnam - Nguyen Thuy Lam

Sebagai tuan rumah x semestinya dapat masuk Top 15... Miss Thailand, Chananporn Rosjan was not shortlisted pun masa Thailand jadi host tahun 2005 dulu... tapi Miss Vietnam nie memang cantik and ada aura tersendiri... besides her gown is among the prettiest...

Poland - Barbara Tartara

I love Miss Poland's gown... and this is a surprise pick too... so pasrah jer la... maybe dia layak... sebab memang cantik and classy...

Norway - Mariann Birkedal

Now this is something that I would describe as "Good (-looking) Girl Gone Bad (gown)"... hahaha... tengok pada gown memang azab... macam kelambu saja... tapi she's got among the best facial features....


Canada - Samantha Tajik

Canada memang among the best in evening gown department... so hopefully this gown would pull some points for her...

Japan - Hiroko Mima

Japan selalunya datang ke Miss Universe sebagai trendsetter with unique and bold fashion... beginning with Miyako Miyazaki in 2003... followed by Kurara Chibana in 2006 (which I think should have won the pageant)... and last year's winner Riyo Mori... let's see if this year's judges are not bored with J-pop fashion...

Ireland - Lynn Kelly

What else can I say... nice face, nice gown...

Israel - Shunit Faragi

Cantik skall gown Miss Israel nie... Israel selalu hantar peserta yang cantik2 but often got snubbed... don't know why...

Croatia - Snjezana Loncarevic

Another surprise pick... but this girl is really beautiful... and the gown that she chose made her looks foxy!! hehehe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello Gorgeous!!

The first time ever I saw your face
Thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars
Were the gifts you gave
To the dark, and the endless skies...

(The rest of the lyrics tak leh post kat sini... censored... go figure)

Coach's Madeline Large Leather Tote

Nie pic lama... diambil pada bulan January this year... saja je nak letak sebab It's such an honour to place it on my blog I think... cerita nya bermula bila Zai... kawan baik I yang lama duduk di KK balik ke KL untuk bekerja kat sini... so dia ajak I pi The Gardens Midvalley... and the rest is history... so lihatlah aksinya...

Tengok paper bag pun dah terasa debarannya... hehehe... nantikan aksi seterusnya...

Wah... ada cover beg kain lagi... maklumlah beg mahal... hehehe...

Nah... inilah hasil nyer... bila dah kuar bershopping dengan Cik Hazel... maka I tidak akan bertanggungjawab kalau u habis beriban-riban... hahaha... I actually have a little power of persuasion... got to admit that... ahakzz!!

So tahniah la kat Cik Zai yang berjaya dan bergaya dengan beg baru nya itteww... yang sememangnya worth it and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS... well apa lah sangat beg Coach kalo nak dibandingkan dengan gaji ko kan??? Thanx Zai sebab bawak I teman beli beg Coach and buat I makan hati x dapat beli key-chain Coach sebab harganya mahal skall sampai RM 150... (anyway I dah jumpe kedai jual key-chain Coach kat Sg Wang Plaza... RM 12 sajer... heheh)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First entry!!

How should I start it? Well ok... actually this is my first post... And I actually became so excited to start a blog after learning that so many people have their own blogs nowadays... I mean it's just like a lifestyle now... like a gym membership... the blog that is so familiar to me then was raja petra's... and then came minah's, hazriq's, zizie's, jurida shima's (and the list continues)... i mean how can u people have so much time to write... I envy you all... well anyway from now on i will become an online self-centred writer... or a blogger (that's what they call it nowadays... hehehe)...

And it's really hard for me to come with a so called concept for my blog... but I am thinking of a blog that is exciting to be read... with sexy pictures... sometime nude pictures... hehehe... what I like to do for fun... what I don't like to do for fun... and most of all... how my life and thinking is so influenced by "Sex and The City"... especially by the character of Samantha Jones... hahahah... I just can't wait to watch the movie... huhuhu...