Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 - Results!

So Venezuela did it again... for the 6th time and two consecutive years... what a feat! And I got 8 rights plus 1 alternate from my final prediction... not bad huh? And I am not overjoyed by Venezuela's success... Of many countries that have never won the title, still they want to give it to Venezuela... I don't see what's the point... well when it comes to Miss Universe, it's all about politicking and scheming and business since it's owned by business mogul Donald Trump...
So after weeks of close watch and calculating and guessing and predicting on who's gonna take home the crown, at the end of the show, I just didn't care who walked away with the title...
Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela

Being crowned by the outgoing Miss Universe, fellow countrywoman Dayana Mendoza

The final moment for Ada Aimee de la Cruz (Miss Dominican Republic) and Stefania Fernandez (Miss Venezuela)

Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela answering the final question from one of the judges

The Top 5 (from left to right) : Ada Aimee de la Cruz (Miss Dominican Republic), Rachael Finch (Miss Australia), Mayra Matos Perez (Miss Puerto Rico), Stefania Fernandez (Miss Venezuela) and Marigona Dragusha (Miss Kosovo)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 - Final Prediciton

So it has been a year since Dayana Mendoza was crowned Miss Universe 2008 back in Vietnam... Wow! And what a remarkable and wonderful Miss Universe she is... and now it's time to find her successor... right here in The Bahamas...

Unlike last year, this time I will not predict on who's going to win the pageant since it's so tricky and misleading when u make a prediction based only on internet photos and articles alone... so here are the ladies who I think SHOULD make it into the Top 5, Top 10 and Top 15 plus 5 more alternates...


Russia - Sofia Rudyeva
Wow! I think this girl has what it takes to win... great body, great presentation and a very marketable face (something that Donald Trump really likes)... will she able to repeat Oxana Fedorova's magical moment back in 2002? We shall see...

France - Chloe Mortaud
Viva la France! France's only Miss Universe is Christiane Martel who won the coveted crown back in 1953... and Chloe could repeat the feat this year... with that to-die-for shimmering silver evening gown

Czech Republic - Iveta Lutovska

Great gown and very beautiful face... a very convincing lady... really nice to be seen in the Top 5... but to me she looks a bit like Paris Hilton... hehehe

Kosovo - Marigona Dragusha

Kosovo started participating in the competition only last year... and is building up to become a powerhouse... and after looking at this girl's picture during the preliminary evening gown competition, only one word popped into my mind... Regal!

Australia - Rachel Anne Finch

Another polished and well-trained supermodel from down-under... Jennifer Hawkins kind of material... will be favoured by Donald Trump of course...

TOP 10

Venezuela - Stefania Fernandez

Something tells me that Venezuela will never win the crown two years in a row... although she has a beautiful feature... her choice of evening gown is not so convincing...

Netherlands - Avalon-Chanel Weyzig

Netherlands always sends pretty ladies to the pageant but often get snubbed... but I think not this year... this girl seems so prepared and ready for the pageant... hopefully she can repeat Angela Visser's success in 1989

USA - Kristen Dalton

Some say USA will advance to the semifinals no matter what... but this girl is beautiful and deserves to be in the Top 10... great choice of gown... the same colour she wore during the Miss USA finals...

Hungary - Zsuzsa Budai

Who can ever forget Agnes Nagy, Miss Hungary Universe 1998... so beautiful but was snubbed from advancing into the semifinals... and this year's Miss Hungary is very beautiful but her choice of evening gown might stop her chance of advancing into the Top 5

South Africa - Tatum Keshwar

Facially she is not the prettiest but her interview and runway skills will certainly put her through... she should change the gown if she wants to advance further... South Africa really needs another winner since Margaret Gardiner back in 1978
TOP 15

Guatemala - Lourdes Elisa Figueroa

Guatemala has never won the pageant... and I just like this girl... so pretty... and what a beautiful gown... nice colour... I hope she can advance further during the finals...

Vietnam - Vo Hoang Yen

Many pundits praise this girl for her skills and beauty... and I think she deserves it... To me she is the best from Asia... and Vietnam might likely to surpass Thailand and The Philippines as the powerhouse of South East Asia very soon

Ukraine - Kristina Koz-Gotlib

This blonde girl has a bubbly personality... some say that she resembles Kristiina Heinmets back in 1997... But I say she can never win in that yellow gown... Dayana just did it last year honey...

Mexico - Karla Maria Carrillo

The crowd must love this girl... she is beautiful and Mexico is looking for it's second Miss Universe since Lupita Jones... but I don't think this girl has what it takes to win... and she should change her gown for the finals... so Lupita you are save for one more year...

Sweden - Renate Cerljen

If you are from Sweden, you don't have to be the prettiest girl to make the cut... remember Josephine Alhanko back in 2006? Although Renate's gown is ugly... this girl is sweet and has a charming personality

5 Alternates

Dominican Republic - Ada Aimee de la Cruz

The semifinal from Miss World 2007 is here to try her luck in the Miss Universe pageant... will she be successful? I'm not so confident... much have been talked about her but I think she is overhyped... just like Ruth Ocumarez back in 2002 or Ingrid Sanchez of Puerto Rico during last year's pageant... all that glitters is just rhinestones honey

Japan - Emiri Miyasaka

Another girl from Japan tries to make the cut this year... she is beautiful and early front-runner but I thinks she lacks skills during presentation... and her choice of gown is questionable... if she ever made it to the Semifinals, it must be because of the strong relations between Ines Ligron (national director of Miss Universe Japan) and the Trump & Co.

Honduras - Belgica Nataly Suarez
It's always nice to see little country with not so good history in Miss Universe to qualify... and Belgica has all it takes to make history this year

Canada - Mariana Valente
She has a great toned body... and she is so mature with her skills answering the web interviews... and her choice of gown compliments her skin tone

Spain - Estibaliz Pereira
This girl knows how to work it... not the prettiest face but perhaps one of the best skills in the competition... will she able to be the 2nd Miss Universe from Spain, to repeat Amparo Munoz's success back in 1974? Hmm... not quite to me

Thursday, August 13, 2009

JJCM-MB Ayam Penyet Wong Solah (Lagi!!!)

Tempat keje Kak Maria tengah dilanda demam "I Susahkan Orang (ISO)"... semua orang tengah pening nak membuat ISO nie... macam2 nak kena buat... malas nak komplen kat sini... so untuk melarikan diri sekejap dari kesengsaraan ISO ni... akak dengan 2 orang artis jemputan pi melantak la kat Ayam Penyet Wong Solah... sampai sini pun tension gak sebab lama skall makanan yang diorder x sampai2... sampaikan Pn. Maz Berkonsep Batik sikit lagi nak mengamuk... hehehe... jangan sampai terbalik meja kat situ udah ler...

Artis jemputan pertama... Azlina... hantu makan also...

Resident Artist JJCM-MB, Pn Maz Berkonsep Batik... suka skall dapat melantak di situ... nasi tambah Pn. Maz?

Kak Maria x amik ayam penyet... akak amik ayam bakar

Lapar skall kami haritu... rasa boleh telan dengan pinggan-pinggan tu sekali

Let's Get Organized!

Kak Maria nie rajin juga mengumpul majalah... tapi bila dah banyak tu... mula la bersepah2... so camner la agaknya to get them organized?

Mula-mula kita ikat dia... ikut half-yearly la senang... idak la tebai sangat

Lepas tu kita hantar ke kedai binding (sorry gambar kedai akak x sempat amik)... dan hasilnya... voila!!! Majalah-majalah yang bersepah tu dah dibind... ala-ala buat Laporan JUSA untuk diri sendiri pulak akak nie... hehehe

Pastu baru la boleh susun cantik-cantik kat rak... kan kemas... tak la sakit mata memandang... hehehe

JJCM-MB Penang Village

Merasa join Kak Maria dengan kb akak... Zu dalam acara JJCM-MB kat Penang Village... tapi yang spoil nya, bateri hp plak kong... so x dapat la tangkap pic lamb chop yang akak order... so kepada sapa2 yang nak try lamb chop... Kak Maria suggest kan datang ke sini yer... lazat uol lamb chop dia...

Inilah Penang Village nye... kat Alamanda jer uol...

Akak tau uol dah bosan tengok muka Pn. Maz Berkonsep Batik... so harini akak panggil artis jemputan yang lain pulak naa...

Selalu makan pai tee kat Chicken Rice Shop... kat sini pun ada also pai tee... lazat... merasa...

Ratu Cadar

Time H1N1 nie, time tu juga lah shopping complexes kat Malaysia nie nak buat sale... Mega sale lah, raya sale lah... so nak pegi ker tak, nak pergi ke tak... akhirnya...

Borong apakah Kak Maria? Maunya x borong... murah giler...

Euro pillow sham memang susah nak dapat... bila dah discount sampai 50% terus la akak sambar!

Suka sangat printed motif nie... so Zen!

Merasa beli Jean Perry nie alang2 dah murah... akak nie suka matching kan kaler2 sarung bantal... buat dua tiga tone... baru menarik... nak tido pun rasa semangat jer...

Yang nie pulak untuk guest room... sebab queen size... actually sales girl tu ada hutang lagi dengan akak sebab warna quilt cover yang dicari takder... maybe next week kena dtg lagi Isetan... hehehe

Hah kalau dah banyak tu mula la nak buat stok... orang lain buat stok susu anak, sabun basuh, atau makanan... tapi akak buat stok cadar lah... boleh gitu? heheh... nak gak quote kata2 someone:
"You nie, suka beli cadar banyak2 buat apa?!"
Ayat siapa tu Pn. Maz?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gadis dan Bunga

Semalam Kak Maria pegi lagi Nilai 3... Akak memang suka pegi Nilai 3... cari bunga... hehehe... yer la Kak Maria kan Gadis Bunga... macam lagu Rahimah Rahim tu... Gadis dan Bunga... hehehe...

Banyaknya bunga... cantik cantik belaka

Macam kat oversea pulak... Yer la Kak Maria x pernah diberi peluang berkursus di Prague... betul x Cik Seri?

Kak Maria punya florist tengah menggubah bunga yang akak nak... pandai budak nie... memang berseni... dia gubah lebih cantik dari orang pompuan buat...

Hmmm cantiknya gubahan pasu nie... next project maybe? hehehe

Inilah gubahan yang telah siap... suka bunga kaler hijau muda...

Yang nie pulak gubahan sudut... yang nie akak nak letak kat opis...

Nie pulak favourite akak... cantik... suka sangat

Thursday, August 6, 2009

JJCM-MB Secret Resepah

Mulut Kak Maria nie teringin nak makan benda2 manis dan sedap... Merasa la JJCM-MB di Secret Resepah Alamanda Putrajaya... Kali nie bersama artis jemputan Kak Maria... Cik Yang... Jom ikut kami... jalan-jalan cari makan...

Adooii sedapnya la hai... pecan butterscotch

Sejak bila pulak Secret Resepah nie bermurah hati bagi keropok ubi?

Kak Maria nie biasa la lapaq nasik...

Spaghetti Meatball pulak pilihan artis jemputan Kak Maria... anyway minah nie sama macam hubby dia suka minum gelas besar... hehehe

Inilah yang ditunggu-tunggu... cake of the month... The Pecan Butterscotch... lazat nyer ya ampun... terasa-rasa lagi kat tekak akak nie... hehehe