Monday, October 20, 2008

Daughtry - Deluxe Edition

From the very beginning I knew this album would be a successful one... and usually these days successful albums by mainstream artistes will be re-released with additional tracks and DVD of music videos and live performances… So I decided not to buy the cd when it was first launched in November 2006… I wanted to wait for the deluxe edition… And finally on September 8, 2008… Daughtry released a 2-disc deluxe edition of their self-titled debut album… And I think it’s worth the wait… Certainly one of the best rock albums in recent history!!

The CD includes the original 12 songs + 4 bonus tracks:
1. “It’s Not Over”
2. “Used To”
3. “Home”
4. “Over You”
5. “Crashed”
6. “Feels Like Tonight”
7. “What I Want”
8. “Breakdown”
9. “Gone”
10. “There And Back Again”
11. “All These Lives”
12. “What About Now”
13. “Feels Like The First Time” (cover of the Foreigner’s song)
14. “What About Now” (acoustic)
15. “It’s Not Over” (live)
16. “Home” (acoustic)
The DVD is approximately 40 minutes long and includes:
1. “It’s Not Over” (music video)
2. “Home” (music video)
3. “Over You” (music video)
4. “Feels Like Tonight” (music video)
5. “What About Now” (music video)
6. “Breakdown” (live performance)
7. “There And Back Again” (live performance)
8. Interview


Fathi said...

hmmm... dah beli yang tak deluxe edition... sama jugak Rihanna... i beli yang tak Reload pun...

hazel said...

Fathi... kena sabar dengan artis-artis yang mainstream macam tu... x boleh terus beli jer... kena wat research di internet... kalo nak dengar lagu-lagu popular boleh download jer... nantikan jugak kemunculan Leona Lewis' "Spirit Deluxe Edition" dan Mariah Carey's "E-MC2 Special 4 Disc Box Set"...

Olpicture said...

E-Mc2 tak berapa sedap... rasa nak beli Emansipasi si mimi edisi Platinum la.... angkat letak-angkat letak....

hazel said...

olpicture... angkat letak-angkat letak... x boleh membuat keputusan lagi ke uol??

Olpicture said...

keputusan dasar...

hazel said...

Olpicture... dah lama nak tanya soalan... tapi tak tertanya2... no offence... but do u have financial problem?